Voice Amplifier ZQ30- Portable Powerful Loudspeaker With Throat Microphone T822D Dual Transponders

This is a professional portable 25W voice amplifier packaged with adjustable throat microphone (Code: XVTM822D-D35) - Click to Throat microphone product details. It has an inbuilt high capacity li-ion battery (2200mAh).

And adopt a high-tech digital circuit design, assembled with precise SMT technology. Which help to create a perfect vocal clarity and howl-proof system. Ideal for voice impaired, teachers, coaches, presentations, costume tour guides, commentator, promoter, lecturer etc.  
It comes with auxiliary (AUX) 3.5mm jack, where you can input your CD, DVD, MP3 music player and use as a standalone amplified speaker. Or you can connect to your cellphone, two way radio, computer, notebook, pda ...etc. You can refer to our accessories for available auxiliary cables.
We also have a list of optional quality microphones to suit your application, gooseneck, lavalier and headset microphones are available for this voice amplifier.

Wearing Methods:

The amplifier come with belt clip and sling strap.

You can either secure it on your waist belt or strap it across your body or just carry on your shoulder.


Multi-functional Usage:

1) Voice amplified loud speaker

2) Speaker phone for cellphone (when connected to an optional headphone adapter)

3) Music Speaker for CD, VCD, DVD, PDA, MP3, iPod, iPhone, cellphone,  etc. music player

4) CB radio external speaker

5) Costumes voice amplification with sound effect (through auxiliary input)

Technical Specification

Max power output

 25 W

Output Impedance

Frequency Response

100Hz - 10KHz  

Operation Voltage


Power Source

Li-ion Battery

Battery Design

Inbuilt Li-ion

Charging Time

4 hours

Battery Charger

DC 10V / 350mA

Operating Time

Approx. 15 hrs


275g (with Battery)

Overall Dimension




Click to Microphone Product Details

Package Standard List :
Digital Amplifier ZQ30 (Black Color)  x 1 pc

Inbuilt Rechargeable Li-ion Battery x 1 pc

Battery Charging Cable x 1 pc

Wired Headset Microphone x 1 pc

Adjustable sling strap x 1 pc

Belt Clip x 1 pc

Throat Microphone T822D x 1 pc

(Dual transponder with adjustable neck rim)

Voice Amplifier XVA-ZQ30-T822D - with Throat Microphone (Dual Transponders)

  • Product Code: XVA-ZQ30-T822D
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  • SGD178.00

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