Throat Microphone with straight 3.5mm Connector - Direct Mic (Single Transponder)
(For Voice Amplifier, Voice Recorder etc.)

Designed with a vibration sensor (Transponder) attached to your neck near the vocal cord. The sensor will only pick up the skin vibration signals from your vocal cord when you are talking rather than the air vibration signals from your mouth and the environment. Therefore, the background noises are almost totally eliminated. This product perfectly eliminates the background noises and avoid echoes.

Fully designed for universal 3.5mm connector compatible with most of the devices or system that required a 3.5mm Microphone. A complete plug and play microphone for Voice Amplifier, Voice Recorder and most of the system or devices that that come with a separate mic and speaker jack. For example PC, notebook and Desktop computer.

> Enhanced transponder that cancel noise by 90%
> Extendable neck rim for better fit.
> For use with Voice Amplfier, Voice Recorder and most of the 3.5mm jack mic devices
> Microphone for PC, Laptop, Notebook and Desktop Computer (with separate mic and speaker jack)
> Microphone settings are adjusted from your PCs audio control panel
> Suitable for internet telephony VOIP and SKYPE and speech recognition programs
> Plug and play - no software to install
> Universal Microphone Jack: 3.5mm (1/8")
***Note for Mac users: Apple Mac computer hardware requires a powered mic. Without a pre-amp, this mic may not work with your computer.***


- Complete with Single Transponder Throat microphone and universal 3.5mm (1/8") connector plug (as shown below)

Throat Microphone with straight 3.5mm Connector - Direct Mic For Voice Amplifier, Recorder XVTM821S-D35

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