Mobile Audio Sys

A customized wireless mobile audio system designed for outdoor use. It comes in modular parts that can be assemble and disassemble fast. With it compact slim designs it can be easily transported in any car size.

Sturdy cart with AGM battery provide a weight that can keep it stable in open field environment. A powerful amplifier, weatherproof horn loudspeaker integrated with long range Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 2.4Ghz Transmitter Receiver System.

This system can be customized for any event that require loudspeaker in outdoor environment that don't have main power supply. With it high capacity portable power supply it can support outdoor audio system, great for race starter, open field coaching..etc.


 Features : 

> 50W Power Weatherproof Horn Loudspeaker

> 1000W Power Amplifier With 2 Channels  

> Multi-Function Power Station Battery Box

> Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) 12V Battery 55Ah Capacity

> Portable Folding Heavy Duty Hand Cart for System Transportation

> Long Range Wireless 2.4G Transmitter Receiver System (IMDA approved)

> High Sensitive Sturdy Headset Microphone

> Modular Design, Can Be Customized To Your Requirements

> One Year Warranty


Package Standard List :
Horn Loudspeaker x 1
Power Amplifier x 1
Power Station Battery Box x 1
AGM 55Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery x 1
AGM Power Charger x 1
Heavy Duty Hand Cart x 1
Wireless Transmitter Receiver System x 1
Wired Headset Microphone x 1
Adjustable Sling Strap x 2



For demo testing, please  make an appointment with us and go to one of our warehouse at

38 Ang Mo Kio, Industrial Park 2

Rental or Order please call / sms / whatapps: 9018 1662 or email:

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