Public Address Sys

Public Address System is a simple system used for announcements in many locations.

Typically comprises of a microphone, amplifier and loudspeaker. You can press the talk switch on the desk microphone and make an announcement to the loudspeaker via the amplifier. In a simple one or two speaker system, can be wired to an amplifier.

Systems can now be easily setup with multiple loudspeakers to cover a larger area wired in a simple parallel arrangement to each other and back at the amplifier output. Speakers do not need to be wired back to the amplifier individually unless they are wired into separate speaker zones.

In the above system, each speaker (which is of the same size and type) can be adjusted to a level to suit its location by the transformer setting. In instances like this, different sized speakers may be employed on the same circuit.

Different types and sizes of speaker can be wired to the same circuit and adjusted to suit your applications.

We have many type of microphone, amplifier and speaker to serve different requirements.

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