KENSYS Voice Amplifier XVA-ZQ925-T822D  

Wireless Dual Transponder Throat Microphone With Powerful Portable Loudspeaker

This Voice Amplifier System is designed to accommodate the usage of PPE suit / kit.

You put on the throat microphone system with the wireless bodypack first, then wear the PPE suit.

Then strap the voice amplifier on the PPE. 

As throat microphone is positioned outside the mask's face seal and as such it does not compromise the respiratory protection provided by the mask

And the wireless bodypack is placed inside the PPE suit, separate from the voice amplifier.

With this arrangement, you can use it safely and communicate effectively with our anti-feedback voice amplifier system.

Throat Microphone Features :

> Dual Piezoelectric Element Transponder With Wireless Bodypack

> Adjustable Neck Rim - For Better Fit and Accommodate Different Neck Size

> Bodypack Comes With High Capacity Battery

> Assembled with Shielded Cable to Prevent EMI

> Anti-Feedback - Reduce or Eliminate Feedback

Voice Amplifier Features : 

> High-Sensitivity speaker, 25W Power output

> Two Speakers System, Simultaneous Voice Output

> Dual Microphones Design – Wired and Wireless Usage

> Wireless Headset Microphone with 50m range

> High Capacity Li-On Battery – Ease of Replacement

Rechargeable and Removable Li-ion Battery

> Media Player – High audio quality music playback

> Multi-Function – Bluetooth, FM, USB, Micro SD input source
> Power off resume function, accurately resume to last playing position
> AUX Line-in function for external audio devices like MP3, MP4, DVD,TV Etc.

Complies with IMDA Standards – DB106764

*IMDA - Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore  

Package Standard List:

Voice Amplifier (Black Color) x 1 

Rechargeable and Removable Li-ion Battery x 2

Main Charger Adapter x 1

USB Charging Cable x 1

Wireless Bodypack Transmitter x 1

Wired Headset Microphone x 1

Belt Clip x 1

Adjustable Sling Strap x 1

Throat Microphone T822D

Dual Transponder Throat Microphone  x 1 set


FREE Items (While Stock Last)

Handy Packing Case x 1 pc

Audio Cable - 3.5mm to 3.5mm x 1 pc

Smartphone Audio Adapter Cable x 1pc

Specifications :

KENSYS Model : XVA-ZQ925

Voice Amplifier

Wireless Bodypack Microphone





Max power output

25 W

Wireless Frequency

**650MHz - 695MHz

Frequency Response

90Hz - 18KHz

Transmitter Power


Operation Voltage


Wireless Range


Output Impedance

5 ohms

Battery Charger

DC 5V / 500mA

Power Source

Li-ion Battery

Charging Time

4 - 6 hours

Charging Time

4 - 6 hours

Operation Time

Approx. 8 - 12 hrs

Operation Time

Approx. 8 - 10 hrs


Battery Charger

DC 5V / 500mA


Battery Size

2 x 1800mAh

Aux. 3.5mm


-53dB / 108Mhz



267g (with Battery)

MicroSD / TF

Overall Dimension


FM Radio



Mic Jack

Sound Area

800 metres square


Wireless Dual Transponder Throat Microphone With Powerful Portable Loudspeaker

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